Protective Velocity

Our portfolio of digital capabilities can help you speed up production, deliver policies faster and easier, and drive your business in your most desired direction: forward.

Experience the speed of Protective Velocity — our suite of digital capabilities. By choosing to utilize our technology, you can count on reduced application turnaround times and reduced paperwork — ultimately helping you drive your business forward.

Protective Velocity currently offers the following capabilities:

  • EZ-AppSM: Trade paper applications for speed, convenience and improved accuracy by submitting them with Protective’s EZ-App drop-ticket platform.
  • Protective Life Underwriting Solution (PLUS): Optimize your business with PLUS, designed to underwrite applicants with the least invasive requirements possible. PLUS is available for most of Protective’s core protection products and even provides clients with the opportunity to qualify for accelerated underwriting.
  • TeleLife®: After you submit an application, our TeleLife team takes care of the rest: completing the interview, scheduling the exams and ordering records. And, TeleLife features include voice signature and text message reminders — helping speed up application turnaround.
  • Electronic Policy Delivery (EPD): EPD allows you to deliver a client’s policy electronically and track delivery status.
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