The Cost of Chronic Illness

Protect clients in two ways with Protective’s blended solution: alleviate chronic illness costs while they’re living; provide guaranteed protection when they’re gone.

Protective Indexed ChoiceSM UL with the ExtendCareSM Rider is a blended solution that pairs life insurance with a chronic illness rider. It offers chronic illness coverage if clients need it, and a death benefit to their families if they don’t.

  • Preparation if a chronic illness arises
  • Protection when their loved ones need it most
  • Potential for more cash value

Protect Against Two Risks with One Solution

Protective’s blended solution helps ease a client’s financial burden due to the costs associated with chronic illness and can provide financial stability when it’s needed most.

Icon Guaranteed

Protective Indexed Choice UL

Indexed Choice UL pairs strong guarantees with cash value potential, all thanks to lower policy fees.

  • Straightforward, guaranteed death benefit
  • Realistic cash value potential with a 9% cap rate
  • Protection against market loss with a 0% floor
Extend care Rider

ExtendCare Rider

With ExtendCare, clients can leverage their life insurance policy while they’re still living to pay for chronic illness costs.

  • Accelerated death benefit provides monthly payments that help with chronic illness costs
  • Clients can accelerate a portion of their death benefit when they need it. And, no need to submit bills or receipts
  • Any unused death benefit amount remains available for a client’s loved ones